You have 5′ and 20 auto advancing slides!

"You have 5' and 20 auto advancing slides", this was the request I received during the summer to prepare a session for the IBM Academy of Technology Innovation University, an internal event organized in Yorktown (New York) last September and chaired by my great colleague Isabell Sippli. "Ignite is a style of presentation where participants... Continue Reading →

Cognitive Environments as a starting point for Ambient Computing Platforms

This interesting news attracted my reading list last days: IBM Research and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Pioneer Next-Generation Cognitive Environments for Business Decision Making ( ). This has been published in correspondence with the launch of  New Cognitive and Immersive Systems Lab at RPI that aims to Help Advance More Natural Collaborative  Interactions Among Humans... Continue Reading →

CarBlock: how blockchain could legolize your car

During last months the blockchain theme emerged further. It is attracting the interests of multiple industries and use cases quite heterogeneous are also emerging. Of course banks are on the forefront in exploring this technology and how it could contribute to bank IT transformation of their back-ends. An interesting report for Citigroup recently pointed out... Continue Reading →


There are things that you cannot evaluate just on everyday time scale. We know very well the difficulties we experience, for instance, when a geologist tries to describe us the evolution of our planet or a biologist the evolution of the life on the earth, just to mention a couple of obvious and extreme time... Continue Reading →

Piano Industria 4.0 e attacchi DDoS Distributed Denial of Service, che c’azzeccano?

Leggo la lista dei "beni funzionali alla trasformazione tecnologica e/o digitale delle imprese in chiave Industria 4.0" pubblicata sul corriere comunicazioni E' interessante leggere un elenco di ambiti e tipologie di sistemi innovativi che effettivamente potrebbero determinare un bel salto di qualità dei contesti aziendali che li implementeranno, non si discute. Tanti temi portanti... Continue Reading →

BYOI – Bring Your Own Intelligence program and why we need CAIO

Just out of the 15th International Conference of the Italian Association of Artificial Intelligence (AIIA- that kindly hosted my keynote in Genova (the slide deck I proposed is here: A video replay of the speech is here: I attended to several Artificial Intelligence (AI) events like that one during last 25 years... Continue Reading →

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