Water & Technology – Innovative experiences of IBM Research

Today is the “water day”. We celebrate water to confirm once again the importance of this resource for our life and for the Life in general on our planet and perhaps for other places around the universe.

To support the IBM Bee Green initiative a prepared a short deck in which I selected few examples of projects from IBM Research with the aim to show that technology and water are more and more interlinked from multiple perspective.

Specifically, I selected the following 4 perspectives and try to show the roles of technology.

1. Manage our main Resource

Technology is helping us to make more efficient and effective water management

2. Sensing & Analyzing Water

Technology is expanding and amplifying our natural abilities to analyze water in real-time

3. Water & Life

Every day we discover new roles of water to sustain the Life, technology is helping us to see water with fresh eyes

4. New Forms to capture the Water Value

Technology is helping us to represent  in new ways the value of water

I hope that this work could stimulate, once again, about the importance of our main natural life companion.

The deck I built is on SlideShare and can be downloaded from this link: https://www.slideshare.net/pieroleo/selected-ibm-research-projects-around-water

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