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I enjoy to talk and communicate!

Usually, when you think to a “Technical topic” you think to a boring thing intriguing  a very restricted number of interested parties. I strongly believe, and I have practical evidences, that this is not true! In every theme, in very area, there is something to learn and something useful to map to you personal need or interest and extend it. So, the problem in many cases is not the content but how it is communicated among parties.

During my career I practiced a lot to communicate and learn how to express complex technical things in easy terms. It is a job in a job… 🙂

I enjoyed to be a Keynote speaker in tens of Industrial and Scientific Conferences and Company events, as well as I provided lectures in short university courses in the areas of where research and business perspectives intersect or collide: main themes of my talks includes:

  • IT Research & Innovation & Strategy,
  • Artificial Intelligence,
  • Machine Learning,
  • Big Data & Big Data Analytics,
  • Cognitive Computing
  • more…..

Invited  Talks to company events for

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Talks to Public Events & Conferences

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University Lectures at the following universities:

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