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I am Pietro Leo.

My expertise is the future of artificial intelligence, big data, advanced analytics and in general technology innovation blending research & business perspectives.

I accumulated an extensive practical experience in working in transferring or “translating” those technologies in business practice, engaging and delivery projects on Cognitive Computing and Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, Social Media Analytics, Knowledge Management, Knowledge and Data Integration, Very Large Mining and Search Engines, Semantic Search, Bioinformatics in several business areas.

I advise companies that want to embrace this new reality of data centric and highly automated world. Together, we design interactive platforms and real-time systems that empower them and their customers to make better decisions.

As IBM Italy chief scientist for Research & Business, and one of the most experienced IBMer in AI, I helped firms to implement a number mission-critical projects and implement their advanced analytics, artificial intelligence strategy and data-centric culture.

As IBM Academy of Technology Leadership member and former IBM Academy of Technology Global Technical Program leading a team of 30 IBM global technical senior leaders, including IBM Fellows as well as IBM Distinguished Engineers, I provided consultancy to the IBM senior executive board members as well as IBM’s client C-Suites.

I regularly teach artificial intelligence, big data and technology innovation at top university courses in major universities in Europe and, direct IBM Italy Center of Advanced Studies. I speak at corporate events and top conferences around the globe.

I received multiple degrees from Unv. Of Bari and Univ. of Udine in Italy and post-graduate degree from Univ. of Aberdeen, UK and more than a dozens of awards for high technical achievements including an IBM Client-Value Outstanding Technical Achievement Award in 2015, IBM Academy of Technology President’s Award 2012, the mention into the IBM Corporate Technical Award Book 2010 and 2013 editions which includes all top technical performers and scientists of IBM at worldwide level and the IBM IT Architect Worldwide Technical Leadership Excellence Award that recognized the top 12 IBM World Wide IT Architects for that year.

I live in Italy as a base, traveling in US, Europe and China for consulting.


Consulting & Research Leadership

For the last 25 years, I have worked with corporate clients as well as with many successful and exciting startups in multiple industrial domains including Public sector, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Banking, Insurance, Telco, Travel & Transportation, Media & Entertainment, acting as technical leader and data scientist in a number of projects whose overall effort size is over 150 years/man, working both at the national and international levels.

I served as scientific coordinator in a number of relevant applied big data analytics & machine learning/AI initiatives funded from European Union as well as from Italian Government in innovative areas coordinating the activities of a large number of academic research teams.

I acted as advisory for several organizations and startups enjoying to look for innovative ideas tech and not tech around the globe and brilliant minds.  I regularly helped as a judge and business mentor and contributed to startup camps boards as well as Hackthons as keynote speaker (HackAging, EVALITA Watson Challenge, StartupItalia, ItaliaCamp, IBM SmartCamp, CeglieFoodCamp, EU Bonseyes project). Among others I acted as Evaluation Expert for the European Union EIC Accelerator (SME Instrument) is part of the European Innovation Council (EIC) pilot that supports top class innovators, entrepreneurs and small companies with funding opportunities and acceleration services.



In workshops and corporate seminars, I help clients define data-centric metrics and artificial intelligence strategy and implement it in projects. I take pride in the co-creation of innovative products and business models that are anchored in a solid technology ground.

I like to challenge the audience to see the amazing possibilities the technology innovation and data revolution has for people, business, and our society in general.

I share my insights at corporate events for companies including Generali, Coca-Cola, Pirelli, Enel-X, and Edison, Pfizer as well as at public conferences and public press interviews.


I regularly teach to undergraduate, graduate, MBA, and executive courses at top universities and schools in the Europe (EPFL Lausanne, Polytechnic of of Milan-MIP, University of Bari, University of Trento, University of Venezia) and China (Beijing Institute of Technology).

I leverage my broad cross-industry experience and a deep knowledge in building data-centric systems and artificial intelligence methods. I encourage my students to explore real-world scenarios and solve actual business problems.


With this intro in mind I would like to welcome you to visit my personal web site.

In this site I am collecting data, point of views as well as my experiences  in applying technologies to solve practical problems.

If you have any questions of just say Hi, please use my emal at this address: – Thanks!

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