I regularly provide consultancy to client C-Suites as well as to the IBM senior executive board members, learn about problems and architect solutions, lead technical teams to build systems and finally research about something new when a solution cannot be setup with current technologies.

This path is followed also in the opposite direction: I invent and research something new, architect, build and demonstrate a technical system, apply the technology to solve a problem and debate with a business executive to convince him that it is not only a right technical solution but he/she can make money.

In other terms, I accumulated an extensive practical experience  in transferring or “translating” advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence Cognitive Computing and Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, Social Media Analytics, Knowledge Management, Knowledge and Data Integration, Very Large Mining and Search Engines, Semantic Search, Bioinformatics in several business areas.

This is the list of main projects initiatives I leaded during last 20 years:

  • Large Research Hospital: a system to contrast memory loss and stimulate memory effectiveness in aging population that leverage natural language interfaces and graph reasoning
  • Large Appliance Company: a packaged-food visual recognition system
  • Large Oil and Gas company: a system to support information extraction from unstructured textual content and generate insights to support exploration activities
  • Large Insurance Company: a system to support Information Extraction from unstructured data in the context of loss prevention activities
  • Large Bank: Analysis of unstructured textual customer complaints
  • Large Media Company, Large Bank, Large Telco and more others: a set of Social Analytics analysis projects
  • Strategic National public-private lab: a range of projects that leverage Molecular Biodiversity analysis (bioinformatics, data mining, and textual) in clinical as well as agro-industry contexts.
  • European Police Organization: a system to support unstructured data acquisition and analysis during the investigation process
  • Public Organization: a very large search, analysis and knowledge management system
  • Funded Project form Italian Research Minister: a range of E-business projects targeting Small and Medium Enterprises
  • EU biology enforcing lab: a bioinformatic system to acquire and analyze biological data about genetically modified organisms.
  • Large funded research project: design and prototype of a national bioinformatics platforms.
  • Large Food Producer: Wireless Sales Force Automation
  • Large Transportation Company: a travel broker system to generate complex travel plans
  • Large Telco Operator: A Web Community B2B portal targeting all Italian SME
  • Large Bank: A WAP (Wireless Access Protocol) access to a Home banking system
  • European Union funded Project: A Knowledge Management system for conceptual annotation and search digital and web unstructured documents
  • Large Italian City: A system for conceptual search and analysis of city council laws.



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