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During my carrier I enjoyed to work around a number of small as well as complex (means multi-millions) mission-critical projects to solve research and business problems.

I played a lot with a number of data analysis problems touching technical areas such as Big Data Analytics, Ontology & Knowledge-Based systems, Text Analytics, Very Large Search Engines, Semantic Search, Intelligent Agents, Bioinformatics and others. The interesting and good thing is that all this sort of play tools are under a nice and nowadays popular umbrella: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

I have been working in AI since 1991 when I enjoyed to write my first expert systems and symbolic machine learning algorithms applied to land planning data.

Just for fun but also to reconstruct and give a value of what I did from a working point of view I did a nice computation: try to calculate in years/man total effort of all projects I technical leaded from the beginning of my carrier, considering just the IBM career for simplicity, the result was 150 years/man. Personally, I spent 35.200+ working hours on AI, so is this value 3 times the famous 10.000 thought leadership level? 🙂

A long list of things, from one side, but a pragmatic observatory of how Artificial Intelligence evolved during last 25 years and so from a “practical application” point of view.

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