Active Intelligence is at the horizon

The infusion of digital technologies into the basic ground of our society is the biggest transformation phenomena characterizing our post-industrial society during last 20 years or so. There is a clear tendency that is asking us to put machines, and the overall mechanization, at the heart of every process transformation in every industry sector. The... Continue Reading →

Artificial Intelligence Bugs

What is a bug? I mean not the nice animal, rather, a "computer bug". It is basically an error somewhere into the computer that causes incorrect or unexpected results. It is a popular term among those that are dealing with computer in general as well as among those that experiment just the error without know... Continue Reading →

IBM Academy of Technology Top Technology Trends 2015

One of the most interesting intellectual exercises in Information technology domain is to predict which are next technology  trends and topics giving that in our industry things, probably, change more frequently than of the industries (of course, someone could also argue that  sometime topics are re-named or are Déjà vu, but this is another story ... Continue Reading →

You have 5′ and 20 auto advancing slides!

"You have 5' and 20 auto advancing slides", this was the request I received during the summer to prepare a session for the IBM Academy of Technology Innovation University, an internal event organized in Yorktown (New York) last September and chaired by my great colleague Isabell Sippli. "Ignite is a style of presentation where participants... Continue Reading →

Cognitive Environments as a starting point for Ambient Computing Platforms

This interesting news attracted my reading list last days: IBM Research and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Pioneer Next-Generation Cognitive Environments for Business Decision Making ( ). This has been published in correspondence with the launch of  New Cognitive and Immersive Systems Lab at RPI that aims to Help Advance More Natural Collaborative  Interactions Among Humans... Continue Reading →

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