Innovation is more and more like “Standing on the shoulders of giants”

I am reading in this period some reports and studies published by IBM IBV around “innovation“.

In overall all reports form a broad picture on how innovation process itself is evolving  moving from an episodic “magic moment”  to a “systemic action” that leading organizations now follows.

These are my readings list of IBM works for those interested:

More than magic – How the most successful organizations innovate

Innovative analytics: How the world’s most successful organizations use analytics to innovate

Driving innovation through data

Insatiable Innovation: From sporadic to systemic

There is an underline story I think it is interesting to observe here and that is the increasing role that “data” has in triggering or filtering innovation process itself. So the main point is that the  metaphor dwarfs standing on the shoulders of giants is more and more valid 🙂

Foto source Wikipedia: Standing on the shoulders of giants –

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