The Era of Artificial Intelligence: a point of vew

To support my recent and planned lectures at Polytechnic of Milan, Bocconi University in Milan and University of Bari on Artificial Intelligence
I prepared a slide deck that provides multiple points of view to those that, specially from a business perspective, are approaching to
this topic or simply would like to understand little bit more.

My lecture series is called: The Era of Artificial Intelligence

This is the list of topics I am covering during my talks that are organized in 7 parts.

Part 1: What is Artificial Intelligence?
Here I start to provides a set of examples of artificial intelligence systems that are already providing a general impact and basically I am starting to show evidences to replay to the foundational question: “How Artificial Intelligence is perceived from the business world, today?”

Part 2: How relevant is Artificial Intelligence for the business and research, today?
In this chapter I collected a set of findings to think about why this theme is attracting the business interest and mainly it is considered, from multiple observes, one of the main driving engines for innovation and more next years.

Part 3: Why do we need the help of Artificial Intelligence?
Here my challenge is to provide evidences that already Artificial Intelligence is already impacting all industries from multiple perspectives.
I Utilize examples from Agriculture, Automotive and Healthcare and others.
The bottom line message I bring on the table is that: it is not only a matter of how many data points you consider to take a decision,
It is more a matter of how large is the data set you have that approximates the reality you are dealing with. Basically my thesis is that Artificial Intelligence
is helping all industries to reduce approximation, and reduce errors, in doing jobs.

Part 4: Artificial Intelligence has multiple forms: it is augmenting human decision making and is opening to new forms of collaboration between humans and machines
My objective here is to show how the interface between human and machines is evolving and basically how Artificial Intelligence is becoming the
key ingredient in such transformation. With the help of an AI taxonomy I present a set of AI systems ranging from Tools, Assistants, Collaborators, Coaches and more
advanced and futuristic Active Mediators.

Part 5: How do we position Artificial Intelligence in the IT Business Context?
In this part I present Artificial Intelligence from an IT perspective and specifically I show it as a new enterprise platform layer to move and speed-up business IT Applications and Processes to a new level.

Part 6: Artificial Intelligence vs algorithms progression
Here I try to position different kinds of artificial intelligence algorithms and mainly show how they are progressing
in new dimensions such as the ability to combine high accuracy sensing abilities to more advanced multimodal reasoning abilities.

Part 7: Approximation, Human Bias, Machine Bias
This is my last chapter for this series of lectures that I devote to one of most relevant challenge we have in front of us such as the ability
to cope with new forms of risks that we can refer as “Artificial Risks”. This for AI it is a new territory in which we are learning on how to deal with
Trustworthiness of AI.

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