This is the list of main projects initiatives I leaded during last 20 years:

  • Large Research Hospital: a system to contrast memory loss and stimulate memory effectiveness in aging population that leverage natural language interfaces and graph reasoning
  • Large Appliance Company: a packaged-food visual recognition system
  • Large Oil and Gas company: a system to support information extraction from unstructured textual content and generate insights to support exploration activities
  • Large Insurance Company: a system to support Information Extraction from unstructured data in the context of loss prevention activities
  • Large Bank: Analysis of unstructured textual customer complaints
  • Large Media Company, Large Bank, Large Telco and more others: a set of Social Analytics analysis projects
  • Strategic National public-private lab: a range of projects that leverage Molecular Biodiversity analysis (bioinformatics, data mining, and textual) in clinical as well as agro-industry contexts.
  • European Police Organization: a system to support unstructured data acquisition and analysis during the investigation process
  • Public Organization: a very large search, analysis and knowledge management system
  • Funded Project form Italian Research Minister: a range of E-business projects targeting Small and Medium Enterprises
  • EU biology enforcing lab: a bioinformatic system to acquire and analyze biological data about genetically modified organisms.
  • Large funded research project: design and prototype of a national bioinformatics platforms.
  • Large Food Producer: Wireless Sales Force Automation
  • Large Transportation Company: a travel broker system to generate complex travel plans
  • Large Telco Operator: A Web Community B2B portal targeting all Italian SME
  • Large Bank: A WAP (Wireless Access Protocol) access to a Home banking system
  • European Union funded Project: A Knowledge Management system for conceptual annotation and search digital and web unstructured documents
  • Large Italian City: A system for conceptual search and analysis of city council laws.

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