A ‘car-in-a-key’: a magic wizard will transform our real cars into a digital car, more or less

Digitalization, Digital Transformation, Digital Evolution and so on, we are in an avalanche of changes or disruptions and needs to change and distrust, of course for the peace of all positive distrupters in the word. 🙂

Among all digitalization efforts cars are one of the most cited products. Of course self drive cars or, from another perspective, uberization deeply related to digitalization and disruption phenomena of this particular segment.

A basic underline law of this phenomena is the fact that with small or with big steps we are transforming a car into a service, more or less, less or more.

Basically, no more we have to think to a car as physical object, rather we need to think to a specific travel experience we need to satisfy: move from a place A to a place B. That’s all folks!

This law is valid for the large majority of cases but, of course we have to consider that there are also out-liners of this law: when  we do not know the place B where to go, but, rather, we know just that we have to go. But this is another story that someone enjoyed to describe few decades ago in a great and well known book 🙂

So, cars are transformed more or less into a service. Let’s assume this. Car leasing companies started few years ago to do this and now, Uber and similar
Services and, in the future, Self drive cars will be additional form of car-as-a-service.

But, could we think to enter even into a new territory? I mean, how to transform
the product and the service into a further new state? Into a pure digital state, I mean. So the idea is to have a digital car, or a ‘car-in-a-key‘.

Of course virtual reality could represent one form of such car digitalization.
But what I would like to do is to transform a ‘real’ car into a digital entity. This car-in-a-key could still be used to obtain my real goal: travel from A to be B
also using my white Peugeot.

So, where is the best place to locate this car? Of course in the Cloud!
There is a lot of space out there. I mean IT clouds!

Let’s use a magic wizard and transform my car key into a new ‘car-in-a-key‘. It will store all car experiences, it will store all my travel preferences and needs as well.

So, in practice, I would like to jump from one physical car to another and use my personal car-in-key when I rent a car from hertz or Avis or when I rent a car from a new uber-airbnb company that will provide car exchange service among peers, and so on. I will insert my car-in-a-key into whatever real car and it will adapt to satisfy all my needs.

Whatever kind of vehicle I will jump on it will be adapted to me. It will consider my preferences and needs: it will adjust sits, the steering wheel position will be automatically adapted, but also engine preferences will be adjusted to my driving style. Air conditions inside the car such as temperature, humidity, smell, etc, will be adjusted too. All my wearable devices will be connected with this my ‘temporary’ car and will start to exchange amenities. The multimedia system will use my pay-tv subscription. My bank will pay road usage at gates. The navigation system will receive a snapchat-like of my stop preferences between A and B.

Of course, but from version 2.0 ahead, the color of the car will change to some color I like, internal and external colors  🙂

In one word, my small ‘car-in-a-key’ will be a magic wizard able to transform the anonymous car that is in front of me into my car.

And so on….

Basically, I will store on my car-in-a-key what I like of a car and and leave the rest on a shared physical object that is no more mine: the rest of things I do not need.

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